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Reasonable 2022 Updates!

7.1 Intra-network SMS/MMS

7.2 Email List Clean Up

8.0 Mobile Membership Card (e-Loyalty programme)

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought crisis to all industries. However, some enterprises, such as KFC, have managed to turn the crisis into opportunities and seize opportunities to maintain the business under the pandemic. How do they do it?

As customer behavior shifts to adapt to the "new normal" under the influence of COVID-19, transactions will be conducted in a flash in the new retail model, combined with online and offline. Many entrepreneurs began to think about a question - Do the customers’ dependence on the brand only come from the physical store? Through Omni-Channel retailing, KFC accurately grasps the orientation of its customer and remains competitive in the crowded market. But how can the audience receive the latest information of the brand accurately and quickly?

Reasonable Software helps plan a series of  e-Marketing strategies for clients, actively blast out up-to-date promotions, closely connect with the audience, raise contacts’ engagement, and further turn subscribers into a customers that bring unlimited business opportunities.

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Create Email Marketing (eDM) Campaigns in Minutes

As a powerful email marketing software, Spread’s user-friendly interface and the smart drag & drop editor is easy to use as no technical and design experience required. You can choose from the 50+ free responsive templates to create as many attractive emails as you want in minutes.

Improve Your Email Marketing (eDM) Campaign Performance

The cost of the email list is high, and emails need to cater to your audience to attract attention. Smart A/B testing allows you to build multiple creative emails to find out which version can bring the results you need most. Spread email marketing software will automatically blast out the best version to improve the performance of your eDM.

Gain Insight into Your Customer Base

Spread 7.0 new dashboard provides detailed statistical analysis, including report summary, campaign summary ,and multi-campaign comparison report, so as to gain insight into your customers’ preferences and habits and adjust your email marketing (eDM) plan.

Build a Closer Connection with Your Customers

Spread email marketing software's customized functions allow you to divide your subscribers into different groups and further provide more accurate content to target customer groups. Through the user-friendly interface and platform, you can easily design customized subjects and content for customers, so that customers feel respected and valued.

Your Business Opportunities are No Longer Limited to Email

Our built-in "Share" button allows you and your customers to simultaneously share the content of the email to social media and newsletter, bringing more traffic to your website and business opportunities.

Discover What Customers See and Think

The preview function we developed for you allows you to preview the campaign design displayed by different devices, thereby avoiding position and display problems. The eDM version can also track the movements of potential customers for you.

Guarantee Your Email Delivery

We provide Whitelist Certification Program and guarantee a 99% inbox rate. The service covers over 2.5 billion email addresses and increases 50% of click-through rate and 25% of conversion rate.

Use Marketing Automation to Grow Your Business

Never miss an opportunity to connect with your customers. You can send automated email series that are triggered by website and email engagement within a short time interval, using our API system.

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