Introducing - Upcoming Version:

Reasonable Spread 8.0 



Mobile Membership Card (e-Loyalty programme)

Customers feel satisfied does not mean they will repurchase in you shop. You have to prepare a well-equipped system to foster long-term customer loyalty and repeat buyers. In other words, you need a high-quality e-loyalty program to retain your customers. 


Why customer retention is important?

Optimizing the customer experience and listening to their needs leads to lifelong brand loyalty, as well as significant economic benefits. On average, attracting new customers costs five times more than to retain existing ones, plus up to 30 times the cost of marketing. However, just increasing customer retention by 5% can increase your profits by 25% to 95%



The deeper you look, the further you can go. Reasonable does more and better for you. 

Integrate your physical and online shop sales using the Spread e-Loyalty programme system. All information can be seen at a glance, so you can work smarter, act faster, see bigger and farther, and provide the best service to your customers.   

Reasonable explore a variety of solutions to transfer data from your current POS system into Spread. 


Fully Synchronized Customer Profiles
Spread can quickly access member information, purchase records, points records, and redeem cash coupons anytime and anywhere, providing customers with a personalized experience.


Promote Brand Recognition
Spread provides point transfer and referral functions to encourage sharing, attract new customers and grow a larger customer base. 
In-depth Customer Relationship Management 
Blasting email, SMS, or MMS promotion regularly through Spread, build up a close relationship with customers, and turn one-time buyers into loyal, repeat customers.


Aggregate Reports
Spread provides reports that integrate data from your website and POS system to help you better understand customer needs and make wise decisions quickly. 


Effective Marketing Promotion
Spread tailor-makes marketing campaigns based on your customer information, including exclusive discounts, monthly deals, product promotions, early previews, etc.