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Build Your Own Members with Customized Sign Up Form

Consumers may stay on your website because of the brand or functions of products etc. With built-in subscription form of Spread, you can grow the number of your subscribers, manage your contact list and help you stay engaged with your audience.
On your website, Spread can help you create customized forms for different marketing purposes. You can interact with potential customers with the latest newsletter, which will be beneficial to the segmentation of marketing.


✔ Newletter Subscription Box

✔ Blog Subscription Box

✔ Qustionnaire Sign Up Form
✔ Activity Sign Up Form

✔ Other Customized Form

Collect Permission-based List with Sign Up Form

List of users signing up with their information voluntarily is called permission-based list. When users have rigid demand or strong interest in your products or service at the moment, targeted eDM can normally achieve a good conversion rate. Providing valuable incentives has become the key to how to attract customers to leave their valuable contact information.