Website Revamp and CMS

Build your own CMS and improve corporate work efficiency.

What is CMS (Content Management System)?

Before beginning to explain what is CMS (Content management system), we must talk about the so-called front-end and back-end first. Front-end means the layout style of the website content presented on the Internet. Simply put, it is the displayed screen that you see when you enter a website. The back-end is for website content management, such as adding articles, uploading pictures, modifying text, and changing layouts, all operated through the back-end.

Successful Cases of CMS


Corporate CMS
Festival Walk

  • CMS
  • Front-end shop directory
  • Web-based website builder
  • Support HTML and CSS
  • API synced eDirectory

Real Estate CMS

  • Property Trading System
  • Real Estate addition and subtraction at front-end
  • Commercial building index and footprint tracking
  • SEO and search engine promotion
  • Online Chat

Travel Agency CMS
Luxe Travel

  • Online Trading System
  • Online Booking of Private Tour
  • Online Reservation of Personal Reception Service
  • Product List and Inventory Management Report and Analysis
  • Tourists Information Collecting and Travel Documents Uploading
  • Online Payment