SMS & MMS Marketing

Manage your database and send SMS or MMS campaigns at any time.




Mobile Marketing

No need to install any software, just log in to our website and send it online, which is simple and convenient. Our functions include SMS sending, SMS schedule management, free filtering service for OFCA's Do-Not-Call Registers list, sending results tracking, usage statistics, etc.

Each SMS can include up to 160 English letters or 70 Chinese characters including blank spaces and punctuation marks. If the number of characters exceeds the upper limit, your SMS will be split into several SMS to send, and each SMS will be charged.


• Send international SMS, including Hong Kong, China, Macau, etc.
• Support real-time sending, single and multiple schedules, which can be used for birthday wishes or end-of-month payment reminders
• Support registration verification/one-time password SMS
• Support merging SMS. Each SMS can be varied with personalized content according to the uploaded information
• Customize SMS display name (company name or mobile phone number) and Chinese SMS signature
• Provide free filtering service for OFCA's Do-Not-Call Registers list
• Provide contact list function, segmenting contact groups and recipients. You can add, delete and modify contact lists
• Import contact lists with Excel or automatically add phone numbers to the contact list on Spread
• Support commonly used Emojis
• Provide SMS tracking function, which can track open rate, click rate, etc.


MMS Service

Each MMS can include up to 1,000 English letters or Chinese characters including blank spaces and punctuation marks, and up to 40 characters can be set for the subject line.

In addition to sending text, you can also send pictures/GIFs via MMS. MMS aims to use these files to make the content of the message more attractive. It can also enhance the visual effect, and leave a deeper impression on the recipients.