Reasonable Software is committed to improving society and supporting social welfare

by providing 1 million free e-mail credits to NGOs every year.

From now on, a Spread NGO account will be available to all government-approved NGOs

after they submit their application forms and pass the examination.
Use Spread for Email Marketing For Free


An NPO is a non-profit organization whose goal is to support or address issues of personal or public concern.
An NGO is a non-governmental organization not belonging to any government or established by any country, namely "a civilian voluntary organization".

NGO Free Email Marketing

Take the institution as a unit

Max. No. of email
messages per month
Max No. of subscribers per month  Free Period (month) Extension
60,000 10,000 12 Buy 50% off the original price
Recommend 2 users to buy

1. Your institution or organization must be a government-recognized charity.
2. Each organization can only get one NGO account.
3. Do not use NGO accounts to send spam emails. If found, your account will be canceled immediately.
4. Meet one of the following requirements:

1) Add a Spread text link to the homepage of your official website. To do this, add the following HTML link code to your homepage:

<a href ="" target="_blank">Email marketing software </a>sponsored by Reasonable
<a href ="" target="_blank">Email marketing software </a>sponsored by Reasonable

2) Place Spread's email subscription form on your organization's website.

Reasonable Software House Limited reserves the right to verify the qualification at any time and suspend the service for unqualified organizations. Reasonable Software House Limited reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.

How to apply for a free email marketing service?

1. Register a Spread account
2. Fill in the application form and submit
3. We will review your information and open an NGO account for you. Upon successful application, you will receive our confirmation email.

What can Spread do for your institution?

Increase your online exposure
Enhance the publicity effect of the activities
Promote members to communicate and care about issues
Article release, publish the latest news
Convenient and effective recruitment of members and volunteers

What are the advantages of Spread Email Marketing?

Personalized email template design, enrich your email content
Customize the subscription form to collect more subscriber mailboxes
Send event invitation, online registration of attendance ,and information
Track email delivery and view real-time delivery reports
Provide dedicated IP and whitelist Certification service to guarantee maximum delivery rate

Apply for NGO Account

Apply for NGO Account

30 Days Trial

30 Days Trial

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