Grow Your Global Business with Reasonable Spread Email Marketing Software

Reasonable can make personalized plans for you according to promotion requirements of companies or individuals, including 
automated and intelligent marketing, API integration, media planning, and free email marketing.

 Whitelist Certification – 99% Email Delivery

Reasonable is the only business partner of Whitelist Certification in Asia. We fully comply with standards for email authentication (SPF, Sender ID ,and DomainKeys-DKIM). We separate promotion campaigns and transaction campaigns to ensure delivery rate.

Create Attractive Campaigns in Minutes

Drag and drop template + HTML editor help you create your eDM that suits your brand in just a few clicks. With over 50 delicate email templates, you can create as many attractive emails as you want in minutes.

The Key to eDM: Segmentation + Targeting!

According to experience, segmented campaigns can result in at least five times higher open rates!
Reasonable smart A/B testing can find out the most attractive subject lines and content to increase open rate and click rate. Through the click analysis on Spread, you can choose the best-personalized campaign to improve the conversion rate.
Disturbing users is a taboo in email marketing, which can easily cause the loss of the audience. Through Spread's detailed delivery report, analysis, link click tracking ,and other indicators, you will get a better eDM performance every time.

Custom Sign Up Form, Never Miss Your Contact

Consumers may stay on your website because of the brand or functions of products etc. With the built-in subscription form of Spread, you can grow the number of your subscribers, manage your contact list and help you stay engaged with your audience.

Data Analysis Report + Local Consultant Service

We have local consultants to teach you how to understand the data report and guide you with your campaign content. Our consultants can make your data digestible and help you learn more about the hobbies and habits of your customers, so you can create better campaigns as you go.